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Developer description

Count numbers up to 10 and get a lot of points. If you don't like a number, shoot a rocket and destroy it. Pretty simple right? +++ Best of swiss apps award 2014 - YOUNG & WILD SILVER +++ +++ Top rankings +++ CH-Puzzle: RANK1 CH-Action: RANK 1 CH-Games: RANK 1 CH-Overall: RANK 8 ES-Action: RANK 3 ES-Puzzle: RANK 5 +++ best ever +++ by connykroko really nice game! shortens every break! and sharpens your brain:-) thanks! +++ Wonderful +++ by Francomaria Nice game! I love it!!!!! +++ Great game, nice graphics +++ by ak1773 Great game, nice graphics! Addictive! Features: - Easy and fun to play, challenging to master - Count small numbers together to reach 10 - Two different game modes - Classic mode and a faster mode for pros - Rockets helps you to beat the hightscore - Collect bonus points to reach a higher score - 60 achievements you need to master - Online leaderboards to watch your friends scores - Simple game logic, download and play - Perfect for small breaks - No ads Big "thank you" goes out to everyone who has played Equal 10 - Count to ten or die! You can follow my work on www.twitter.com/colorbloks

Last updated 25 Mar 2015