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Managing a team – be it one with half a dozen members or one with a hundred-odd employees, can be a total nightmare without the right tools and plans. You’ve got project managers asking for immediate resource requests, team members who only work on certain projects, and others who work from the other side of the world, in a different time zone.

And, not to forget – projects with competing schedules, vendors, freelancers, vacations, sick leave – trying to get your resources and projects on track is next to impossible with a spreadsheet. This is where the eResource Scheduler comes in to save your day – and your sanity.

What is It?
The eResource Scheduler is a cloud-based resource scheduling software that allows you to quickly identify, allocate, and manage the resources in hand. It offers – resource scheduling, resource planning, and resource management – all in one software, helping you save time, hassle, money, and complete your projects on time, every time.

Why do you need it?
As a business, you probably spend tons of money, time, and effort in hiring the right resources for the job. However, hiring good resources is just part of the equation. You need to work on utilizing them efficiently to get the best returns from your project and to complete the project successfully on time, impressing clients with your good work.
This is where eResource Scheduler proves its mettle. With a ton of handy features, you can allocate the right resources to the right project, avoiding resourcing conflicts, saving time, and getting the project completed on time. Our clients have reported that they have been able to complete 15 – 20% more projects at the same time, using eResource Scheduler.

Key Features of eResource Scheduler
#1: An Intuitive Dashboard
eResource Scheduler has an amazing dashboard that gives you a complete macro and micro view of all the available resources. With several configurable widgets, you can configure your data in easy to understand charts and graphs. Find out resource availability, utilization, capacity, resource count, project count, and much more, with just a few clicks.

#2: Powerful and Easy-to-use Resource Scheduling Chart
eResource Scheduler offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand resource scheduling chart based on Gantt charts. You can quickly see who is working on what, reschedule and reallocate resources based on project demands. The drag-and-drop scheduling, configurable filters make it easy to manage your entire resources at your fingertips.

#3: Use Management Reports to Track and Monitor Resource Utilization and Availability
The eResource Scheduler generates real-time reports that help you gain a better understanding of resource utilization. The color co-ordinated chart makes it easy to identify under and over-utilized resources, helping you reallocate resources optimally. The graphs and reports provide you with a quick visual representation of data, helping top-level managers and senior management make the right business decisions, quickly and accurately.

#4: Configurability at all Levels
The eResource Scheduler offers you maximum configurability. The scheduler software works according to your requirements, and not the other way around. You can set up new filters, create new scheduling methods, build custom resource fields, choose your working hours, holidays, and more to ensure that your team makes the best use of resources.

#5: Set Various Access Rights
The eResource Scheduler is highly versatile and offers you flexible user access rights. You can decide – who gets to view what. For instance, an entry-level worker would be able to view only the tasks assigned to him/her, while a team manager would be able to view the tasks assigned to all resources under him/her. On the other hand, a senior manager would get a complete view and editing rights for all resources, so he/she can reassign resources between projects as and when needed.

There are several other features like cloud-based or on-premise, Open REST API that lets you integrate the software with other tools, and more.

Simply put, the eResource Scheduler helps you plan projects in seconds, get real-time updates, make the optimal use of resources, helping you save time, money, and effort while impressing clients with your on-time output.

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Last updated 19 Aug 2019

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