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Published 3 Oct 2011

If your website goes down or starts giving it's visitors problems then the amount of goodwill, not to mention turnover, you may lose is virtually unquantifiable. It would be useful if you could have an early warning system set up to tell you that may be having problems so you could react to it before it causes real problems. Erlywarn is that early warning system. It will notify you before your site goes down or even when it begins to behave erratically.
Erywarn is a domain tool that uses website uptime monitoring with an aim to notify you before your site goes down when it starts slowing down or acting erratically. Minimize your downtime by acting on early warning signs such as sudden changes in response behavior. Just add your URL and Erllywarn will regularly checkin to your site to ensure everything is running smoothly. If problems are detected they will automatically contact you to prevent any down time on your site even if you are not at your computer. Set up your mobile phone and Erlywarn will send you a text message wherever you are giving you the opportunity to act fast before your customers even notice there is anything wrong. There are several pricing plans with the cheapest a mere US$1 per month per site going up to US$200 per month if you have 500+ sites.  If you only have the one site then it's free.

Erlywarn is a good safety to net not only for your site(s) but also for your bottom line. I don't know about you but if I have problems with a site I tend to navigate away from it and that's the last thing you want to happen with one of your main advertising /selling tools. Erlywarn's system of contacting you, even via your mobile phone if necessary, will give you time to sort out any problems with your site before it affects traffic. It's very simple to use, it's just a question of entering your URL and Erlywarn will do the rest.

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