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Disclaimer This is not a standalone App. Zooper Widget Pro has to be Installed on your Phone/Tablet. Erratic Erratic Zooper Template is a skin designed for Zooper Widget Pro. The template is a compilation of random things, you might observe around you. The BMPs have also been erratically designed.
• 45+ Widgets • Flexible Design with full resizability (1024x1024 BMPs) • Completely Editable • Apps and App Drawer Icons (Unconfigured) • Regular Updates • Amazing Analog Clocks • Simple And Reductive Design The App Widget’s onTap Action has be left unassigned for the users to set the particular action to their favourite music player, or gallery app, etc. Instructions Change the onTap Function of the Apps and App drawers • Tap on the particular widget and select onTap Widget Action option • Slide Sideways and select the appropriate Action • For App Drawers, select Nova Actions or Apex Actions Resize Widgets Properely • Select the Empty Zooper Widget of your Choice (smallest one recommended i.e. 1x1) • Tap on the Widget and load the skin of your choice. • Resize the widget by long tapping on the widget. • Tap on the widget again and change the Scaling Try Out the Template and please leave a review. This will help the designs to improve. Your Support is highly appreciated.

Last updated 24 Feb 2015

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