Developer description

Escapy, a web travel application, aims to revolutionize traveling by connecting travelers to travel agents and service providers in Asia via a unique reversal booking system empowering travelers with better choices and value for money.

The uniqueness of Escapy is that you, the traveler fills up a short series of travel requirements and finally sets a budget and the "travel service providers" based in Asia compete / bid amongst each other to shop for your business – this done at the backend. This is a reverse trend on how people search, research and purchase travel online and aims to be a very distinctive web application in the travel web space. It is such a simple but yet effective and amazing application that helps solve a variety of problems and yet at the same time, introduces a whole new world of functions and uses in a variety of instances and environments.

Looking at the current scenario of the online travel industry, we found a profitable niche that revolutionizes the travel industry by creating a win-win situation for both travelers and travel service providers. With this in mind we took apart the mechanics of current systems and redesigned them creating a whole new concept that brings hassle free travel shopping to travelers and greater business to travel service providers.

Here at Escapy, we bring something very different to the online travel shopping industry. To begin with, we do not guarantee you the best deals simply because we do not do deals. Secondly, we do not sell you any travel packages because it is not our objective to sell. So what the heck are we up to?

The birth of Escapy came about out of frustration more than anything. The founders of Escapy are avid travelers that just had about enough of getting or rather not really getting the best deals online. It is not the fault of the travel sites that they have purchased travel packages, flights, and hotel rooms with before. It is just that with so many choices one easily gets confused. There is really no way of knowing if you have actually gotten the best deal.

So instead of having scan site after site after site for the best deals, the fellows at Escapy thought “why don’t we bring the travel agents and travel service providers to the table and we as travelers negotiate with them.” After all everyone has a budget and what they want is really more value for that same amount of budget. Make good sense doesn’t it?

With that Escapy was born. They chose the name Escapy for their site as it symbolizes escaping. Escaping from a daily hectic life and all the stress and problems that comes with it. Escaping from the ocean of confusing online travel space, and the frustration of not getting the best value for your money. Escaping from reality perhaps.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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