Developer description

EspoCRM is an open-source CRM solution that assists hundreds of businesses in building and maintaining strong relationships with customers, increasing sales and growing revenue. The software creates a unique and cohesive working environment for your employees. It empowers your sales, support and marketing teams with the needed data and tools that automate routine operations & keep them focused and productive.

Apart from creating a collaborative climate for your teams, EspoCRM incorporates a broad set of features that allow running your business more effectively. The software encompasses tools for:

- Account, Contact and Lead Management;
- Sales Cycle Automation;
- Marketing Automation;
- Customer Support;
- Reporting & Analytics;
- Unlimited Customization;
- Time Management;
- Task Management;
- VoIP integration;
- Inventory Management;
- Workflows and BPM;
- MailChimp Integration;
- Google & Outlook Integrations.

Last updated 28 Oct 2020

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