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Estimates is an iPhone App for freelancers who struggle to write accurate quotes, i.e. they ... More

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Published 9 Jul 2012

One of the most difficult things for the modern day freelancer is determining an accurate quote for the services they provide. On the one hand you don't want to quote too high because you might miss out on the contract but then, if you quote too low, you may end up underselling your services and working hours that you don't get recompensed for. Estimates is a well organized and handsome-looking time tracking and billing application for iOS that will help you put together concise and accurate quotes to ensure you are delivering a fair estimation of your worth as well as winning the contract.
Estimates is an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app for freelancers who struggle to write accurate quotes. Estimate too high and you don't get the deal - too low and you may end up having to put in a lot of unpaid hours. So, what tends to happen to try to avoid these problems is to quote a ballpark figure instead of a concise quote. If these problems sound familiar, Estimates can help you to improve your estimation skills as well as giving you feedback on the progress of your projects. So how does it work? Well, an easy way to get more reliable quotes is to estimate each task you will work on up front and then measure the time needed to complete it.  Estimates gives you a history of previous work completed and tells you how long each took you. Using this history you can produce much better estimates by searching for a similar task in your history and checking how long it took you and let's you see if your old estimate was accurate. It provides an estimate for each task and uses the built-in timer to track how long each task takes you. Estimates also helps to keep track of your progress by drawing a graph displaying the probability of your finishing your project within the given time or not.  The graph is calculated by applying past performance to the unfinished tasks of the project. It's simple to manage your to-dos in a simple hierarchy of tasks and projects and estimate how long it will take you to complete them. A list of similar tasks from your history is provided so you can peek into one to get a better feel for the task at hand. Keep an eye on your progress and track one or multiple tasks simultaneously. Punch the clock and get working then come back and mark the task as finished when you are done. The project graph helps you to see if you are still on track. Once you finish a task you will be given instant feedback about the quality of your estimate. The more you use it the more accurate the project graph becomes.
Estimates is basically time tracking for the creative kind and gives the freelancer a much better framework on which to calculate accurately just how long a project is going to take and be able to quote accordingly so everyone is happy. Because much of the freelancer's work leans towards the bespoke it is often darn nigh impossible to accurately predict the duration of a specific project so Estimates uses evidence-based scheduling to give you an estimation of similar projects undertaken in the past. Without a doubt, Estimates will deliver a more realistic quote and has got to be better than rather than pulling a ballpark figure out of your hat at the last minute.

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