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Ether enables anyone with something valuable to say to sell their services. More

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Published 8 Nov 2011

If you can rattle on expertly over the telephone on a particular subject then you could earn money doing it on this site.

Ether basically provides a connection service that puts people in need of advice in touch with an expert in the relevant field. Offering more than just a directory service the site handles the telephone or email connections ensuring privacy for both parties and also collects the payments on behalf of the expert.

The concept is simple. As an expert you can register, state your subject and set the going rate which can be hourly or by the minute. You can also set the times when you’ll be available to take calls. New accounts have an automatic default setting to stop night time calls.

Once you’re registered you’ll receive a unique Ether phone number which you can set up to forward the calls to your actual phone number. The Ether number can be placed on business cards and websites as a way of advertising.

The money side of things is handled by Ether and according to the site you’ll never receive a call from anyone who hasn’t already pre-paid. All payments made will be subject to a 15% commission charge.

As far as being an expert is concerned it all sounds pretty failsafe. As a division of Ingenio Ether’s telephone technology is tried and tested and the whole thing is backed by the same investors that backed eBay and Skype.

The reservations I do have relate to the security of those people calling for advice. The terms of use clearly Indicate that no verification whatsoever is carried out by Ether to support an experts claim to know a subject so it’s pretty much a matter of trust. It is also unclear about what happens to the pre-paid cash if a call is not taken either at the time it’s made or within the call back time limits.

The cash question may well be answered following registration however I think both points are worth bearing in mind for anyone seeking advice.

Apart from the couple of concerns mentioned, and as long as people dive in with their eyes wide open, I see no reason why this can’t help both parties involved.

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