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Published 27 Oct 2011

Businesses selling online can often suffer from a couple of negative issues one of which is supposed to overcome the other.

The lack of a physical presence rules out the possibility for customers to touch and feel whatever is up for sale be it product or service. The obvious way to overcome that problem is by having reviews posted by existing and past customers but then there are always the inevitable questions about the integrity of those. is an application that aims to take away the mistrust associated with customer reviews by sitting in between the seller and reviewer and ensuring that comments, good or bad, are from genuine customers and represent a true shopping experience. By taking this stance can also provide sellers with valuable feedback and statistics that will help improve the customer service aspect of their business.

When signing up to the site sellers get the etrue verification system integrated into the transactional system they already have in place and an etrue seal confirming their participation.  All customers completing a purchase are marked accordingly as confirmation of a genuine sale and subsequently invited to provide a review.

Completed reviews are stored and accessed from the dashboard and a useful feature allows for them to be tagged according to product or service or indeed any other variable like whether a particular sale was the result of a promotion. Issues can also be prioritized for attention and immediate response.

The dashboard is also the path to some very useful analysis. A mixture of pie charts and vertical bar graphs show stats like the overall position between positive and negative responses and the split between 1 to 5 star ratings. Invaluable information for any business determined to reach high service levels.

I think the fact that there is obvious distance between the seller and the reviewer here will help support a feeling of integrity. Used well it could be a great tool for businesses selling on line and help them to keep on top of customer service issues and iron out any negative gremlins that crop up.

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