Developer description

We take the complexity out of event list management and communication.

Evenemento has been created to simplify event list management and communication with attendees. We provide solution to event organizers who are looking to minimize workload associated with event list management, event planing, manual entries and using multiple platforms.

Because Spreadsheets & Manual Entries Leave Questions Unanswered

Wouldn't you like to fill the gaps with sharing event agenda, payment collection, planning the precise event location and updating changes? We offer One-click solution to take a full advantage of these processes. By showing you what really works, we can help you to minimize time needed to effectively launch your event.

Trust Evenemento to Help You in Communication with your Attendees

We understand that in order to organize successful events, communication has to work. We offer only the best working solutions: one-click email messages to groups, SMS & Push notifications & easy way of file sharing.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015