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Published 21 Dec 2011

Worrying about registration and ticket sales should never be the main event of your event and this app looks as if it can solve this problem in a simple to use fashion. Clear and concise step-by-step instructions will give your "do" its own page which can be customized in a number of ways allowing participants to register and purchase tickets online. The great thing about this is apart from wearing out shoe leather by hawking your tickets around, at the click of a button you’ll have real time confirmation on just who’s coming.

The instructions take you through setting up the event and giving it a description and then adding important fields such as the maximum attendee numbers and ticket prices. The app has the flexibility to allow for a range of prices to be included with early booking discounts also a feature. In fact there are a good number of options to cover most situations including dietary requirements should your event include a meal.

There are a number of designs and colors to choose from on this one so you don’t have to stick with a default style. You can give your event page an eye catching header and then upload your own images to it which can all be saved for future events. The design of your page is carried through to all associated pages such as the email ticket confirmation giving a consistent and professional look to the whole thing.

If your event is a free one then you won’t have to pay for the Eventarc service. If you are selling tickets then you will need to open your wallet (or your PayPal account).

Tickets can be purchased online as long as you have a PayPal account and attendees will receive a bar coded e-ticket which they can print off and bring along. Eventarc will charge a dollar plus 3 per cent of the ticket value with a maximum charge of $15 a ticket.

It goes without saying that the app can produce helpful reports giving you up to date information on how your event is shaping up. All of these can be viewed in both table and graphic formats and can be exported to Excel.


I like the simplicity of this one and given the issues that often surround the organization of any decent event it looks like it could take a lot of the stress away.

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