Developer description

EventBlocks offers travelers an exciting new way to search for hotel rooms at major events around the world. Powered by the Expedia Network and the web’s largest database of private event travel specials, EventBlocks lets users easily compare nearby hotel options from multiple sources, including group rates not listed on other sites, to find the best room at the lowest price. EventBlocks currently features over 20,000 events from around the world. Users can compare private event hotel rates side-by-side with other nearby hotels to help travelers find options with lower rates or better ratings. From our extensive research, we’ve found that the ‘group rates’ advertised by many large events are seldom the best option available. We've been able to find a cheaper hotel rate within walking distance at over 90% of events in major U.S. cities, often with savings up to 50%. EventBlocks now allows travelers to compare all of these options in one place.

Last updated 12 May 2015

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