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Eventtus is your social guide for events. Stay updated with concerts, trips, trade shows, ... More

Editor's review

Published 25 Jul 2012

To be quite honest, Eventtus should really be described as a social network that can be built around your specific event. It doesn't really matter too much what sort of an event it is. It could be a concert or an overseas trip. Or a trade show or conference for your business. Big or small, this social event network for Android and iOS gives you the tools to share plans with your friends, socialize during the events as well as meeting new people with similar taste to your own.
Eventtus is your social guide for finding the best and most interesting events around you as well as keeping up with your fellow social friends' activities. It allows you to stay updated with concerts, trips, trade shows, conferences, photography classes, tweetups or any type of events you like and express yourself and socialize during events. Then you can share your cool events and experiences with friends, socialize during events, meet new people and post comments, photos and videos. Capture your event moments and share your photos and comments with friends and don't forget to announce who you met by hitting the "Handshake" button to easily find them later. During events, It helps you shine and introduce yourself to meet like minded people and make new friends or professional connections. First check-in at events and announce your presence, then find who else is there already, start socializing with great people and know more about them and what's common between you by checking their "Event cards". As an event organizer, Eventtus helps you connect more with your attendees and promote and manage your events. It give you the tools to deliver successful events whether it's a small friends outing, a musical concert or a big professional conference. Create your event in few steps and let Eventtus help you promote and deliver it to the right audience. Use the tools to manage your event and engage with your audience. Send live updates and announcements to your attendees on their mobiles. The excellent set of tools helps keep you organized and delivers reports about your attendees online behavior during the event to help you understand your audience. It will also show you what they like the most about your event and what you should improve on next time.
When I first took a look at this social event networking application it looked to be just a fun bit of entertainment that could come in useful. But, on closer examination it is filled with great tools to take your event to another level. Eventtus works in conjunction with your event and virtually creates it's own social network around it allowing greater clarity and communication. While it would be great to use to promote and create interest in a concert or performance the bigger picture might see it work even better in a work environment. Mapping and networking with people that introduce themselves whilst there. If you want to add a bit of analytics and structure to your event then Eventtus could well be worth utilizing.

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