Developer description

We just released a new iOS app called Eventually. Eventually helps you keep track of the things you want to do: Places to go, restaurants to check out, movies to see, books to read, games to play.

Eventually simplifies how an idea of what you want to do turns into you actually doing it. If there's a place you've been meaning to visit, you can ask Eventually to send you a notification when you're nearby. Hey! Eventually helps you to remember to stop by. Plus, all places are always displayed by distance, so you can find where to go immediately, instead of just scrolling through your list. Eventually lets you share your places with your friends, too. This way, they can easily add them to their own list.

This is just the beginning. We're currently working on a feature for concerts and events. Let’s say you love, Glass Animals, and you want to know when they'll be playing in your city. No more only hearing about a concert once it's already sold out - just add it to your app and when we find an event/concert Eventually will notify you.
We hope you'll feel like giving Eventually a try.

Last updated 13 Apr 2016

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