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With Eventzi you can create an event web page and sell tickets online.

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Published 14 Dec 2011

Organizing any event where attendance is on a paid-for ticket basis is always a bit of a nightmare, however, Eventzi looks to have all of the features to overcome most of those niggling problems. By signing up you can create a web page for your event and customize it with logos and images. Spreading the word is then made easy with an automatic listing on the popular search engines. You can also email the unique URL to a contact list who in turn can get the news out to their friends with one-click integration to all of the social network sites.

The app can handle different ticket price levels and cope with early booking discounts and special offers. If you have your own website you can give attendees access to them by embedding a ˈticket boxˈ feature or the entire Eventzi page.

You’ll need a PayPal account as all e-ticket sales are paid for via that gateway. Purchasers receive an email containing their unique coded ticket. The site will charge $1 for each ticket sold and you can keep an accurate and real-time log of all sales and attendee names. The fee is deducted from each payment and so there are no invoices to worry about and you can of course always add the fee on to your ticket price.

Apps like this are also a good way to help you comply with the ever increasing health & safety regulations. Set the maximum number of tickets available and when they’re sold they’re sold and you won’t have to worry about a crush at the door caused by an un-monitored sales process.

Event organizing can certainly be made a little more stress free by use of this one and the pain of getting tickets printed and distributed is completely taken away.


With size not being an issue here and with a set fee per ticket sold this one will suit any event requiring paid entry.  

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