Developer description

Everest is on a mission to help you achieve your dreams. Everyone on the planet has dreams and aspirations, but most are stifled by the gap between dreams and reality. Whether you dream to run a marathon, travel the world, learn to speak Spanish, or teach your child to ride a bike, Everest will provide you with the resources you need. Our lives can be hectic, and it’s easy to stop taking steps towards our dreams when things get busy. Everest helps you create an organized schedule of steps, so you can find the time to pursue your dreams every day. When you complete a step, simply swipe it to check it off on Everest. The app also features a social network to provide you with the support and advice you need to be successful. If you’re not sure of the next step to take, reach out to people on Everest with similar dreams. The Everest community constantly exchanges notes of congratulations and advice, and is always available to help you keep taking the next step. If you feel more comfortable working individually on a dream, you can easily mark it private to keep it separate from the social network. While Everest helps you achieve your goals, it also encourages you to capture moments along the way and embrace the journey. As they pursue their dreams, members of the Everest community take photos and write notes about their experiences and share them within the app. Each of your dreams also links to a unique web page that allows you to easily share your dream journey outside of the app. Everyone’s got their Everest. We help you climb yours.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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