Developer description

Everhour by Weavora, a custom web development studio, is a geeky web tool that has been initially designed to fit our team's time tracking and reporting needs.
Since the app public launch about half a year ago, over 1500 users have joined us proving that Everhour is earning appreciation of time management gurus worldwide.
Everhour represents a new touch on time tracking and reporting. It’s been made so simple and intuitive that even people with time sheet phobia will love using it.
With handy @mentions, #tags, to-do lists, autosuggestion and single line time input, tracking time becomes a picnic, not a headache.
The app also provides a good basis for analysis of the time spent via informative yet concise reports of different types (personal/organization, by date/member/project/etc.).
More features:
- Export to Google Drive
- Share reports via direct link
- Xero/GitHub integration
- Billable vs. non-billable hours differentiation
- Calendar for tracking public holidays, vacations, sick leaves, personal days off
Everhour fits freelancers with hourly-rated jobs who need to provide clients with precise time sheets, small company owners in search of an employee time tracking solution, and basically anyone invoicing for the hours worked. In general, the app is equally great for tracking personal activities like education, sport, hobbies as well as work.
Sleek design, simplicity and ease of use are key in Everhour. We didn’t want to pack the app with each and every feature and get a Jack-of-all-trades tool. Users value their time too much to waste it on getting their bearing in a too complicated interface instead of starting using the app for its main purpose. Moreover, Everhour is a piece of business software that is breezy and doesn’t feel fiddly or awkward at all. Often such kinds of tools lose in design and UX compared to personal apps.
We've recently released an updated app version that features:
- polished design of the app promo page;
- handier and confusion-free management of clients by tying them with organizations;
- crystal clear personal/organization activities differentiation via removing the team section;
- simplified members management: new members will be invited to organizations with the further opportunity to choose necessary people from the user list for each project.
Everhour is absolutely free now so you can sign up and check how the app feels.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015