Developer description

If you are a fun of taking photos, which most of us are and are looking for a perfect application for taking pictures everyday, Memopiece is the high application you want. So this stunning application focuses on recording and storing the photos you take every day. Snap not only yourself, but whatever or whoever you want. Take a self portrait everyday and after a few months the results will amaze you. I think especially parents will like this application. Take photos of your child and on his birthday make a fantastic video. Take photos of your friends, of your family, and why not of the memorable minutes of your life. You can resize, rotate, change the colors of the photos you take. Choose and save the best photos of your day. Then you can amaze your friends by sharing the photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by sending an email. And remember! The more photos you have, the magnificent your video will be. Also, don’t afraid that after a few days you’ll forget about your daily snap. Just put a reminder or an alarm and Memopiece will remind you about that. Already have enough photos for making video? Then make it famous by uploading it to Youtube, Share it on Facebook, Twitter and amaze your friends. Of course everything will be scrumptious if you attach one of your favorite music to the video. You see the possibilities are endless.
But this is not the end! You will get this application absolutely free. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015