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Published 5 Dec 2012

Now that we have got used to Facebook's Timeline it's not so bad after all - except for the annoying sponsored adverts, of course. It's actually quite neat to have your life broken down into the years that you've been a member and lots of fun to see what you were doing this time last year. It might be nice if your other social networks offered a similar service. Everyday Timeline will gather all your entries from all your social networks and put them into a Timeline for you and that includes all your photos, videos, maps, calendars, tags and searches all under one roof.
Everyday Timeline is a private timeline journal that aggregates all your activities from all of your social networks. This journal /diary imports and archives all your activities from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare and captures all your most important moments. Everyday works offline and syncs automatically when back online. Find out what you were up to a year ago with this 'blast from the past' or record your mood at this moment with the smiley feature. You can also email anything to [email protected] to update your timeline journal. Whats more, all ofl your attachments work too!  In addition to keeping all your social network activities in one place,  you can add private content to each day. This additional content can include your mood, thoughts, locations, photos and videos. Everyday also offers a complete backup and export of your journal to Evernote or Dropbox and provides detailed analytics on your history for additional insight and amusement.
Well, someone had a great idea, didn't they? Everyday Timeline is one of those concepts where you wonder why someone hasn't come up with it before. By linking all of your social networks together with all the embellishments you can easily relive the events of a year or so back - often in great detail. This is a social media monitoring app that appears to be getting popular, too, with over five million journal entries in just two months and features in Lifehacker, TechCrunch and V3. Give it a go - its free and heaps of fun.

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