Developer description

What's all about?

Lifecasting 24/7, every single day in 2014.

Long story short

Had this idea since 2009, wanted to stream my home 24/7 and turn it into advertising space. Since then my life was ups and downs and never had opportunity to actually make this happen. Just recently things changed a bit and I am back freelancing so I immediately thought of re-launching this project and running it as my little, cool experiment.

So fast forward 4 years, I quickly redesigned this site (this is what I do for a living), installed few webcams and finally got it launched. Lifecasting 24/7, initially our everyday life but there is more ideas if we only manage to get an audience.

To make this happen I put up each day of 2014 for sale. January 1st starts with 1 euro and goes up by 1 each day so that 31st December 2014 is €365. Each day gives you advertising across site, all our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) and also gets displayed in our home. There is also 4 slots for monthly sponsor every month, available exclusively on Kickstarter.

So here it is, and we are looking to start on 1st January.

Advertising and sponsorship

Each day and month in 2014 is a great advertising opportunity and most importantly will make this project happen.

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Last updated 6 Aug 2015