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Meet EveryMove: your fitness-tracking, motivation-hacking, habit-attacking community. Basically, we're a bunch of people who believe that good things come to those who sweat.

With EveryMove, you’ll get tons of high-fives from friends, earn discounts from fit-abulous brands and be an inspiration to friends, co-workers and companies for not just one, but ALL your tracked activities.

That’s because with EveryMove, you can connect over 150 different fitness tracking apps and devices, be fit social with all your friends, and track over 100 different activities.

Top Features:

SYNC YOUR WORKOUTS AUTOMATICALLY from your favorite tracking devices. We support 100s of the most popular fitness tracking apps and devices, so you can switch, share and track with the devices and apps that fits your lifestyle best.

BUILD YOUR FITNESS-FOCUSED NETWORK and cheer each other on with comments, likes and share the love!

INFLUENCE YOUR COMMUNITIES. Connect with friends, your employer, your health plan, and even your gym. See how your workouts can inspire positive change.

COMPETE on leaderboards. Partake in fitness challenges sponsored by your company and health plan.

REWARDS FROM FITNESS-SAVVY BRANDS. Steep discounts, exclusive offers, even prizes from employers. Join the largest network of brands that want to reward your healthy lifestyle.

CHARITY DONATIONS. With many rewards companies also sponsor charity donations on your behalf – so you can give back to your community without breaking your piggybank.

AT-A-GLANCE STATS. Curious how you’re performing each week? Our activity dashboard gives you a quick look week to week so you can ensure you are on track to meet your goals.

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Last updated 24 Jul 2014