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Developer description

Get your brain thinking in new ways with these brain twisters. With over 200 puzzles you'll have no shortage of challenges that the whole family can enjoy with the Evil Rebus Cryptic Word Puzzles app. If you're new to Rebus Puzzles you'll soon get the hang of it. The words, letters, numbers, icons, symbols and shapes represent common words, catch phrases and sayings.
The trick to this game is to think laterally. What could the words mean? In rebus word puzzles everything is significant from the size and color of the text to the direction, placement and sounds. Put it all together and try to guess the word, phrase or expression. You'll be hooked! If you're wondering why this puzzle is evil, it's because there are some very tricky puzzles that might just have you scratching your head! But don't worry, we've thrown in a few easy puzzles to get you started and a tutorial to help you solve the riddles and brain teasers.
Using your brain in different ways can help stave off age related-illness. Your brain needs exercise just like every other part of your body. Oh, and did we mention that it's FREE and it's fun? This free app is for all ages with 200+ rebuses to perplex you these word puzzles will keep the whole family guessing. And if you get stuck you can get help with free help from your friends on Facebook and Twitter as well as hints that reveal letters.
You can take as many guesses as you want for free, and once you find the correct answer you can advance to the next level. You get free coins each day simply for opening the app and a choice of three different color schemes. We promise, you'll never be bored. Download now and have hours of fun! Your Evil Puzzle Master Appsotastic

Last updated 13 Mar 2015