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Published 16 Sep 2011

Anyone looking for an expert consultant but lacking the contacts years of networking provides can now use the web to both find one and facilitate the discussion.

Evisors.com currently has somewhere close to a thousand experts registered ranging from the top brains in careers, business and admissions covering a diverse selection of topics. This is not a free service and users pay the going rate but the site has plenty of information on these experts to help in the selection of a suitable one.

To find advice a user registers and enters the particular topic of interest which throws up a list of consultants and a brief summary of their qualifications, experience and rate per hour. If they have a track record on the site then they will also have an evisors.com rating. By clicking on a selected name the user will then be able to see a more detailed profile page and use the expanded information to decide if the choice is right for their needs.

Questions can be emailed via the site in order for the consultant to prepare for the discussion and a telephone ‘meeting’ is then scheduled. Consultation can, if required, be totally email based.

Evisors.com makes money and covers the cost of administering the site simply by marking up the consultants fees and banking the difference. Guarantees of satisfaction are not easily defined in this arena but feedback and rating is encouraged and the provision of a subsequent consultation free of charge can be offered in severe cases of discontent.

The service is catching on and the noises are good. Apart from individual use a number of top universities across the globe are apparently using the service to put graduates in touch with career experts and business entrepreneurs.

A great idea, with some serious Ivy League brains behind it, that allows people access to the experts without being in the club.

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