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Published 14 Apr 2013

I used to work for a concert promoter a few years back and I remember talking to him in his car one night about a Clash tour he was promoting. He was damned worried that $13 per ticket was going to prove too costly and no one would buy tickets at that price. Gee, how things have changed. Back in those days you could generally but a ticket on the night and have change to pick up a tshirt too. These days, however, you have to mortgage the house six months ahead to be sure of getting a ticket. So, as a consequence, we all miss out on watching some of our favorite music artists live. EVNTLIVE is a new 'live' music application where you can watch great music in a live scenario and all from the comfort of your own home.
If you love watching live music, you probably crave the experience of being in a packed arena hearing your favorite artist play. Maybe it’s the big arena that you hanker for or you want to experience the excitement of discovering a new band in a small club. But too often, life has a habit of just getting in the way, for one reason or another. Tickets sell out before you get the chance to buy them or, if you live in a smaller town, the band doesn't play near you. Sometimes, you just don't have the time. EVNTLIVE is an online venue that might well have the solution by bringing the concert to you. Thy put you in the director's chair - well, the comfiest chair you have at home anyway - and create the concert experience you want. You can either watch on demand or organize a scheduled live event with friends and there's not a problem where you are as you can watch on your phone, tablet, your computer or even on a big screen for maximum effect. EVNTLIVE gives you an All-Access pass that lets you watch a sold out concert, discover new artists, share your live music experiences with your friends as well as letting you learn the story behind your favorite artists while you experience them online.
EVNTLIVE is in beta stage at the moment but, if it pans out the way you hope it will, it will be a great way of putting you back in touch with the music you love. It aims to show great live music from around the world and gives you flexibility to watch whenever and wherever you are on any of your various devices. It's pretty easy to navigate and, while concentrating its attentions on the live shows, also gives the added bonus of information, videos and more about the bands and artists you want to see. It looks great on mobile but even better on your tablet. EVNTLIVE means you will never have to miss out on your favorite live artists again and it will be a lot cheaper to watch than your regular gig these days too. And you won't have to queue up for tickets six months before the event takes places, either.

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