Developer description

eWineDine is a Mobile and Tablet Restaurant Application that have exciting new capabilities to excite customers. eWineDine is the invention of Android Technology that can equivalently communicate well with the customers in a smart way. This can be the best source to handle the restaurant business with an extreme level of comforts. One of a kind of innovation that will tremendously increase the customer’s Food Ordering System.
The app has innumerable unique features to connect digitally to every customer with the restaurateur. Benefits of Communicating Digitally with every Customer inside a Restaurant: Interactive Digital Menu Card opens up with exciting features to attract customers in a compelling way. It allows diners to further enhance their Restaurant Experience.
* Flexible Menu- The flexibility of menu helps the restaurant to instantly update the Food Menu as per timings, special events etc.
* Structured Menu- Systematic layout of the Tablet Restaurant Menu will ease the customers to browse food categories as per their choice.
* Social Interaction- Integrating Restaurant’s Smart Phones with social media platforms helps customers post or share their experiences easily. This, instead, turns up for the creative marketing promotions of the restaurants.
* Multiple Languages- Enables the customers to read the content as per their desired language. * High Resolution Images- Communicating with customers through HD images engulf the sense of trying every dish.
* Highlights Offers and Discounts- Ensures customers that everyone is aware of the day’s special.
These features and many others are a certain way to revolutionize the dining experience of every consumer at a restaurant. By getting digitalized, savvy restaurateur can increase profitability in their business as well.

Last updated 1 Apr 2015

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