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Published 9 Oct 2012

Do you still see those advertising boards all over town that say "Create your own website for $???" Yes, there are still plenty around where I live, that's for sure. But these days it is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars to put your own website together. Surely, EXAI Website builder is the simplest and one of the cheapest ways of putting a professional website together that has all the  elements of a professionally designed one. By simply entering basic information, EXAI creates your website with one click and then let's you edit nearly every aspect of your site to create one that is unlike any other.
EXAI Website Builder is an online web application that allows users to automatically create custom-designed websites based on information provided in a short form to provide everything you need in a website. Just provide the website name, the category, your own logo and any photos and ,with a simple click, six complete, custom-designed websites are created for the user to choose from. All six are  uniquely designed without using generic templates as EXAI uses artificial intelligence technology to create and design each website so that no two websites are alike. Once a website design is chosen, the user can then easily edit nearly every aspect of the website's design, content and layout in an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. And to take advantage of the mobile and tablet boom, when you create a website, a matching mobile site will automatically be generated. Any changes or edits you make to your site are instantly updated on the mobile site as well with no wasted time or hassle on your part. Editing your website with the EXAI  interface is easy as you simply drag and drop items to the desired location on your website. You wont need long tutorials or previous website building experience because, with this platform, what you see is what you get! Not only can you control every aspect of how your website looks, but you can do it all in an easy, uncomplicated environment. Edit backgrounds, menus, layouts, add gradient effects and even a variety of amazing photo effects! Add articles, photos, galleries, forms, videos, flash and more. Then add the share item so your visitors can "Like" or "Share" your website on social networks or cash in with the Google AdSense item and earn money from ads on your site!  Every website you create is automatically optimized with relevant keywords and, if you want to take it a step further, you can easily add Google analytics and edit each page's SEO parameters from one convenient location! Finally, EXAI provides hosting services that are secure, reliable and free with the purchase of a website creation package.I
So there you go. No longer is website creation this mystical thing that 'one day' you will take advantage of because you can now create one in seconds for between ten and twenty bucks a month depending on the pricing plan you choose. EXAI let's you create a website with all the features of sites that cost hundreds of dollars and is created by experts. You don't have to have a degree in web design either but, if you do feel a little challenged, you can always browse the in-house business network of professional designers and SEO experts and hire them to work on your website. Stop procrastinating and build your own website now.

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