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A fantastic price for a priceless App: £1.99

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Published 3 Dec 2012

For the modern day student who wants to have the best chance of success in examinations there is really nothing out there as comprehensive as ExamPal. For the studious of you this education application offers a multitude of helping hands giving you a complete package to find out exam dates and organize revision times while creating a home page where you can keep all your notes, previous exams and everything else to improve your chances of success except for the answers - you'll have to work those out for yourself, I'm afraid. After you put ExamPal on your iOS however, you won't need a great deal else.
If you are you a student studying for forth coming examinations oaster struggling to cope with the demands of revision and multiple exams then Exam Pal will come on very useful to you. Maybe you are you a desperate for revision help but don’t know where to start or a concerned parent wishing to help your child to academic success. With a multitude of examinations undertaken by today’s students preparing and keeping track of your examination schedule can be a real headache. Exam PAL is a must have application for all students who are studying subjects at GCSE , GCE (AS) , GNVQ, VCE (A2) , ELC , AEA , FSMQ , STEP levels, SAT, PSAT, ACT, CLEP, NMSQT, AP and IBAC. This very user-friendly app finds scheduled dates and information for any exam currently awarded by all the major Awarding Examination Bodies such as AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CCEA, WJEC, College Board, ACT and IBO. Create a bespoke timetable based on your subjects and examinations scheduled by the awarding bodies and keep track of your past exam results and data and simply add your own examinations, tests and homework or events manually. You can even put your timetable together and sync it to your personal calendar and share anything you wish with your friends and fellow students through your favorite social network.
For the student that is determined to be organized and prepared for examination time there is little to touch ExamPal. It offers a huge array of tools to make the student life a little easier and it can all be kept in your pocket on your iPhone or on your incredibly user friendly iPad - doesn't every kid have one of those these days. But not only does ExamPal organize information, it can also help to give you the knowledge that you have prepared well and increase your confidence levels for the upcoming exam fest. And, at a price this cheap, it could be the most important app you will actually use on your iDevice.

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