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Developer description

Excel Addin Manager is an essential tool to manage Installed Excel Addins. You can manage XLA Addins, XLAM Addin, XLL Addins as well as COM Addins. You can remove Excel Addins and COM Addins, you can also Activate and Deactivate Excel Addins and COM Addins directly from our tools. XLA and XLAM Addins are difficult remove from Excel Addins List but this tool can easily remove XLA Addin from Excel. It shows all addins installed in Excel. You can filter list by Active Excel Addins, Inactive Excel Addins and COM Addins. It is safe, reliable and very affordable.

Key Features :

Manage Excel Addins
Remove Excel Addins
Activate Excel Addins
Deactivate Excel Addins
Manage and Remove XLA Addins
Manage and Remove XLAM Addins
Manage and Remove XLL Addins
Manage and Remove COM Addins
Remove XLA/XLAM Addins from Excel Addin List
Unregister and Remove Excel Com Addins
Show all Installed Addins in Excel
Show all Installed Com Addins in Excel
Show all Active Excel Addins
Show all Inactive Excel Addins
Works with MS Office 2010/2007/2003/XP/2000

Last updated 23 May 2014