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Now a days, emails and its related database holds importance for every organization. Therefore, an efficient and secure communication program like Exchange Server is the need of both big and small enterprises. The entire database of Exchange Server gets stored in three files, EDB files (that stores mailbox database information), STM files (that stores multimedia data) and the LOG files (that keeps a record of transactions). All these files hold equal importance for the administrators and this is the reason why preference to all the files are given when it comes to backing up and safeguarding data for critical times. With NTBackup utility in Windows, users are facilitated with option to create backup of EDB, LOG and STM files which can be restored when Exchange Server is downtime or there is no access to Exchange database. So, we can say that Exchange backup BKF file is a positive hope to get data when original Exchange database is not available.

If You Think Backups Are 100 Percent Safe...Think Again!!

A thorough studies says that like any other file, Exchange BKF file is vulnerable to corruption due to reasons like application malfunctioning, system being shut down improperly, virus attack etc. No matter what is the reason behind corruptness of BKF file, a prominent solution for Exchange BKF recovery becomes the instant need under circumstances when the administrator fails to restore the backup database.

For example: While in an attempt to restore Exchange BKF file, a user may come across an error message like: “821588 – You Receive an Error Message If You Use Backup in Windows 2000 or Windows XP to Catalog or Restore a Tape Made in Windows Server 2003”. This particular error message pop up on screen due to attempt of opening backup created on Windows Server 2003 on Windows XP or Windows 2000 because In Windows Server 2003, The size limit defined to read and allocate the tape blocks is 64KB while for 2000/XP editions, it is 32 KB only.

So, To Escape From The Problem, You Need To Solve It!

When Exchange backup database gets corrupted, it is necessary to repair the damaged BKF file to gain access over the data. With a solution like our Exchange BKF Recovery software, users can recover LOG, EDB and STM file backup database with ease and preciseness. The software is an intellect creation that helps users receive unaltered Exchange backup database retrieved at their end with no hurt to data originality. Framed with an understandable interface, the software proffers users the finest platform to restore Exchange database from corrupt BKF file.

Software Qualities That Are Worth Praise!

 The software maintains the folder hierarchy for well-managed database after Exchange BKF recovery end
 The software is workable with all versions of Windows Operating System and Exchange Server
 The software ensures that metadata of content remains the same after recovery

Download Trial For Test And Then Invest!

Users can verify workability of our Exchange BKF recovery software with its trial version that allows previewing recovery results. If satisfied with performance, then investment in comprehensively operable edition can be made for saving the data.

Last updated 4 Apr 2013