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Developer description

The Expense Account App allows employees, agents and professionals to
easily fill out their expense accounts for mileage reimbursements, business
lunches, etc. The app lets you integrate photographs of receipts or other
records into the expenses.
The saved expenses account can be emailed directly to the company for the
regular accounts statement.
There is the option to insert new cost voices
All the values can be entered in various currencies


- Enter employee’s/agent’s/professional’s personal data
- Enter the company’s data
- Select day of the calendar and the time work started or finished
- Car expense details, insert route from A to B, with mileage allowance value.

The mileage allowance value, once inserted, will remain as the default value
for subsequent entries

- Detail “Other Expenses” by entering the economic value in each expenses
category, indicating if the expense was born directly by the employee/agent/
professional or with a company credit card

- “Other Expenses” voices can be personalised
- Photographs of receipts can be taken and automatically attached to the PDF
expenses record generated

- Text can be inserted in the expenses fields
- After expenses are entered, the app automatically generates the total value
of expenses for each currency entered
- The expenses account is saved in the file
- The expenses account can be exported as a PDF or CSV and sent by email

Last updated 11 Jul 2014