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Published 24 Oct 2011

This is an expenses app that already has some very heavyweight users and so must be doing something right.

With the recent tightening up on entertainment expense legislation it has become even more vital that your company expenses policy is adhered to. Getting everyone singing from the same hymn sheet is therefore a great place to start.

Expense on Demand has everything automated letting staff enter details into an easy to use interface. It’s configurable too and so users can only enter claims that fall into the pre-set categories as per the company’s policy. Point of entry reminders will keep everyone on their toes in this respect. Receipts can also be uploaded as images ending the old practise where tatty pieces of paper got stapled to a tatty spreadsheet.

The time saving capability of this app, and subsequently the money saving capability, is far reaching. Mileage claims for instance can be scrutinized down to their finest detail. Users are requested to enter start and end of journey post codes and the system will automatically calculate the distances. It will also manage and track the carbon footprint of all vehicles in the fleet.

Company credit card and other electronic statements can be uploaded with automatic allocation of items to claims and if your business is based on timesheets then these can be completed online as well.

Approving claims takes just a click however this system also has the capability to reject individual line entries whilst approving and authorizing payment of the...