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A recent CNN survey lists tracking receipts and claiming expense reports among the top 5 ... More

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Published 22 Jan 2013

One of the great things about so many business apps is that they seem to have dedicated their existence to trying to save the small businessperson time and, as a consequence, money and here is an app that lives up to those ambitions. Expense Sheet Tracker is a new receipts and expense management application that lets you add emailed receipts, expenses and photos via your smartphone that provides a very simple service in an exceedingly efficient way. This very professional cloud-based app features an easy to use and user-friendly interface as well as delivering everything an expenses app should. This includes everything from expense sheets and receipts to tax rates and detailed reports to save the small business person from spending half his working hours reconciling expenses and outgoings.
There was a report that CNN ran recently that one of the biggest productivity killers in business today is the boring, but very necessary, task of tracking receipts and expenses. Filling out spreadsheets can take up a vast amount of time and time is vital to the small business person. Apart from anything else, spending all your time pushing figures around stops you from doing the things that you like do best - making money. Whilst still sticking strictly to the basics needed for a good expenses application, EST adds a great looking interface and ticks all the right boxes when it comes to features. The app is mobile-ready so you can add photos while on the go and submit expenses and receipts easily via email. You can work as a single or multi user in thirteen different currencies with  live exchange rate conversions. Fully customize various categories unique to your business, analyze budgets and even work out tax rates before exporting your charts and reports.
Expense Sheet Tracker is an expense management app with an Android and iPhone portion that takes the concept of the expense spreadsheet to another dimension. It's a very clean, clear and precise way of simplifying receipts and expenses leaving you more time to actually earn money rather than trying to find out where it went. If your expense outcome is pretty minimal then the app is completely free but for busier businesses it's a very reasonable seven bucks a month or under two dollars a week. It's a paltry sum for the amount of time that can be saved not to mention its organizational abilities. There are walk through instructions if you feel so inclined but, to be  honest, the app is so simple and intuitive that you really won't need it. This feature rich and cost effective expenses app has got to be worth taking a good look at.

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