Developer description

* Accomplish your financial goals with Best Expense Tracker Application SpendTracker by Redspark Technologies. * Spending Tracker App track your daily expenses by splitting across different categories. SpendTracker also allows you to manage categories for your spending every day. Moreover it will configure your local currency and spending budget each month. * It allows you to have a look at past monthly spending records with just few clicks. With color indication [Red for out of budget spends while green for within budget spending] at total spending of each month you will have overlook on total spending for month. * You can get the report of your spend according to weekly, monthly, Quarterly and custom bases. * You can see the pie chart of you current month spend. * This is Free App, just install and share your valuable feedback with us,so we can improve our product and serve you better with more advance and powerful functionality.

Last updated 15 May 2015

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