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Published 24 Sep 2011

The site itself is a bit rambling for my liking but if you can get over the endless links leading to even more rambling pages you get the basic concept of this app designed to make the nightmare of expenses tracking and approval easier.

An individual can sign up for free however it is clearly targeted at business use where the functions can be adopted and run alongside a company’s expenses policy. This will cost $5 per user per month.

If you run a business and have a lot of guys out on the road flashing the company credit card around you’ll probably find an online expenses tool will speed up the reporting as well as streamline the whole approval process.

Hard copy receipts can be scanned and uploaded or you can use your mobile phone and take a photograph for uploading.  The user then goes in and adds descriptions to the list of items. The system can also import from credit card and bank accounts and pull all the information together to create an expenses report.

The resulting report can then go up the line for approval or rejection depending on the company policy and if approved payment sent to the relevant bank account.

The system syncs with QuickBooks or can create a spreadsheet template to suit your accounting platform.

The app can also be used to track time and mileage with maps generated showing start and finish locations and multiple destinations.

Accessible for anyone on the move...