Developer description

Simplify your expense reporting - Use your mobile phone to scan the receipts, capture the data, autofill expense fields and submit travel receipts, expense reports online and get the instant approvals on your mobile or via a web-browser. Control your expenditure - Take control of what and where you spend. EXPENZ provides you accessibility to know where your money is going and offers capability to organization to control specific expense instances within individual department or business unit. Plan & Allocate your budget - Expenz opens a wide window to spending and provides insight to your company's wide expenses. It enables organization to plan and allocate annual expense budget for their different departments and business units. Define your expense policy -Lets you set the level of enforcement, incorporating your company's policy such as spending limits, per diems, mileage rates. EXPENZ helps you to define company's policy along with rule-based approval workflow that enables employees to spend within company's policy and helping organization to control expenses and save time.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015