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Editor's review

Published 29 Sep 2011

I imagine there are hundreds of business owners out there who would pay money to watch a bunch of lawyers, accountants and consultants bid their fees down in an attempt to win a piece of business.

Well if you’re one of them this site doesn’t exactly provide that ultimate pleasure but it will present you with an opportunity to compare the fees of a number of interested professionals. Likewise, if your one of the professionals the site provides another potential route to market for your skills.

There are several "I need it, you’ve got it" sites around and aims to link small and medium sized businesses with lawyers, accountants and consultants when a particular project requires such services.

As a business owner you’ll need to identify exactly what it is you need and then register and set up a profile page. No information allowing anyone to identify you is shown at this stage and so professionals searching for work can only judge it on the merits of the job description and the location. In the meantime you can sit back and wait for the bids to come in.

Bids from professionals include not only the price for the job but a view of their own profile page listing qualifications, experience and hopefully some client recommendations. Fees can either be on a flat rate, or if the timing of a project is a bit of an unknown quantity, per hour.

The service is free to businesses looking for professional services and there is no obligation to go any further once you receive bids. You have the option to contact the provider, request that they contact you or simply walk away.

Professionals can register and search the site for free but will pay a fee to contact a client. This is subject to a scale based on the size of the service request and can range between $5 -$30 and is paid n credits.

The service works for both parties and provides a convenient way for business owners to obtain a level of choice when it comes to professional services.

Choice and convenience are the key words here and both should be obtainable on this site.

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