Developer description

Each of us has things around us that have an expiration date. Most of them require our action at a given time or in advance. Forgetting many times means a problem or at least some complications. To prevent it, it is necessary to have an overview of them, be notified at the right time, or even earlier.

The Expires! app was created for exactly this purpose. Expirations are organized using tags for better categorization. Each expiration contains not only a notification, but also an earlier warning. Do you have a note or attachment connected to expiration? No problem, attach them to expiration to have this information right away.

Of course, there is also the support of repeated expirations like subscriptions. Data is synchronized between your devices through iCloud, which means all data are completely yours. The application also supports export to a calendar which can be shared with others.

The app is still improving, so new ideas are welcomed.

Last updated 2 Mar 2021

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