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Exploding Ads sets the Gold Standard as the Maximized Affiliate Network. As an affiliate, you will enjoy resources that other networks simply can’t provide—like ironclad privacy protection, exclusive technology solutions, the best advertiser lineup in the industry, and the highest level of personal service. That means we can include what every affiliate wants: More opportunities and higher earnings. We are successful affiliates ourselves and we understand that we grow as a network when our affiliates succeed, so we license our technology to affiliates directly.
We carefully vet our affiliates because to be the best network, we can only work with the BEST of the BEST affiliates. We consider our affiliates to be our family, and work as a team. Publishers As a network, we prefer direct relationships with our advertisers in most cases. However, we understand the power and benefits of publishers who wish to broker offers—and Exploding Ads can help you find and push the best offers in the business. That’s because Exploding Ads develops and cultivates lucrative relationships with the biggest and best advertisers in the industry.
As a publisher working with Exploding Ads, you will realize the full power of those relationships through us. Offers: We work around the clock to make sure we only have the best converting offers live and make sure they are the top in the vertical.
Accounting: We always pay on time. Our dedicated Payments team will work with you to ensure your satisfaction. We default to weekly payments for $300 or more, and if you’re a top publisher, we’ll pay on demand—even daily. And because we’re so confident in our advertiser relationships, we float all payments.
Consultative attitude: We think outside the box, and we’ll share our ideas with you. That’s part of our relationship-building mindset—we all want to make money together. Advertisers As a network, we believe in the power of relationships with our advertisers. In almost all cases, we prefer to work directly with our advertisers rather than broker offers through other networks—even though it’s more work for us. Why? Because building relationships pays dividends down the road. Because we cut our teeth as affiliates ourselves, we know the details of this business—the secrets to high-quality traffic, the ways to motivate affiliates to work around the clock, and the technical expertise to launch our relationship quickly and effectively.
Quality traffic: Because we only work with the best affiliates, our traffic is always of the highest quality. That means better leads and more conversions for your offers—and higher profits.
Compliance: This is our number 1 priority, we make sure our affiliates are always aware of all the guidelines needed to run a successful campaign.
Real Time Reporting: We are extremely excited to announce we are using LinkTrust, one of the most trusted real time reporting tracking platforms on the market.

Last updated 8 Apr 2014

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