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Published 8 Nov 2011

If you love travelling but don’t want to join the usual crowds jostling to see the famous landmarks and attractions of the world then this site can provide a whole host of places you won’t find in the brochures.

Billed as the guide for alternative travel and off the beaten track locations, exploguide.com contains a good number of contributions from passionate travellers keen to pass on their experience and knowledge.

You can use the site to find places that interest you and you can also take part in the fun and join the community of travellers/writers and tell the world about your own discoveries.

Navigating around the site is easy with all types of location and interest (named here as communities) tagged for convenience with further sub-tags allowing you to drill down in more detail. For example under the history community you can see general sites of interest but also have the choice to look under military history. Here you will find sections on battlefields, bunkers and any relevant museums.

Contributing writers are awarded points by the ExploGuide team based on content detail and clarity plus supporting pictures and maps. Handmade maps are encouraged however there are plenty on the site containing Googlemaps etc.

The site encourages discussion and explorers can join communities of mutual interest and even meet up and explore together. Apart from contributing to the general knowledge bank through writing members can also obtain ˈhostˈ and ˈguideˈ badges depending on the...