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Published 15 Sep 2012

TV shows like "The Voice" and "X-Factor" have been a boon for a specific type of artist in recent times. Not only have record companies rushed to sign an awful lot of artists but those same artists have had the opportunity to sell millions of albums and often shoot to the top of the iTunes chart. But, as I said, the types of artists that tend to succeed on those sorts of TV shows are commercial pop artists who aren't too dissimilar to what's out there already. What happens to the artists who are a bit more original yet just as talented. Well, that is where this music app comes in useful. Exposed Vocals is a free music community of over 3000 users with a library of thousands of original music videos that pushes your product to radio stations, music publications and record companies. It's been described as the YouTube of the underground.
Exposed Vocals was designed with the typical unsigned artists in mind. The idea was to expose new music of all genres to a much larger audience - no matter what the style or how 'commercial' it was. one of the problems with the music industry today is the major gap between unsigned artists and record labels. So how do you get an artist's original music to the labels? Surely, any record label worth their salt would want the first opportunity to sign an extremely talented and marketable act, wouldnt they? So Exposed Vocals...