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A fun, energizing, and intuitive method of learning goes live with the most recent form of 'Extramarks – The Learning App!'

You will discover answers for everything on the application, through visual and intuitive learning modules, including schoolwork, papers, tests, or tasks. NCERT solutions and study material by Extramarks are the best. It is the main application which contains answers for ALL SUBJECTS, ALL CLASSES (KG to 12), for both, the CBSE and ICSE Boards. It is among the most comprehensive training applications. One can also use it as self study apps.

Alex, an AI based learning buddy, who will take you on a customized venture through connecting with visuals and rich media liveliness, and help settle every one of your questions right away!

Extramarks Learning App Salient Features:
- Identify gaps and strength areas in your learning journey
- Get statistics on important metrics like average time spent per question, accuracy, level of mastery, etc.
- Gain insights into comparative performance, nationally, through peer ranking and analysis.
- Adopt an informed learning journey for the future through recommendations and changes in the personalized learning path.

Extramarks is recommended across the country by expert academicians like the Principal of MES Pattambi School, Kerala, Asha Byju.

Choose your board, class and subject and start learning in the fun way with Best Learning App available!

Last updated 25 Sep 2020

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