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Bridge the gap between your local community and law enforcement anonymously and get paid for it

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Editor's review

Published 21 May 2022

Over the last few years in the US, much has been made of the phrase 'Defund The Police." While many deliberately construed the phrase as an attempt to reduce the size and funding of the police force, the actual concept was to restructure it into a number of different areas with much of the emphasis on community policing as well as crime per se. Part of this would involve members of the community having a far bigger involvement in what goes on around them. This can mean everything from lost pets to major crime. However, as it stands at the moment, many are reluctant to get involved in releasing their personal information for fear of reprisal. So here we have a new app that goes some way to starting that process and bridging the gap between the local community and the police force. 

Eyetem is a new social community app for Android and iOS that makes it simple for concerned neighbors and citizens to connect with each other as well as law enforcement in their local area while remaining anonymous. What's more, they can be paid in cryptocurrency for the information they share without it being splashed all over the front page of the local paper. It not only gives community members the chance to share their concerns for what is going on around them, it also helps to improve their local community as well as its relationship with law enforcement with both sides doing their bit. 

While there are several other unofficial neighborhood apps out there that go some way to addressing community problems, Eyetem is the only one that allows anonymity and allows chat between fellow community members as well as public agencies and local authorities. It's also the only one that allows information to be rewarded with Bitcoins. The app uses patented technology to protect user identity via the TOR network and seamlessly facilitates the payment of Bitcoin rewards within the app rather than having to apply in person. This safeguards the identities of potential 'whistleblowers' who might otherwise be reluctant to volunteer vital information. 

Eyetem helps communities become a part of the solution rather than being part of the problem. It can also help reduce the cost of policing by becoming a relevant cog in the machine of crime reduction. Within the app you can either post and share your own concerns about crime that may be going on around you or you can join in the discussion - both publicly or privately - with others. This all helps the cause as well as helping to build a stronger community around us.

Right now, the app is in its early stages and features active and regularly updated crime data for Washington DC, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Los Angeles but, if successful, it will spread right across the US. Just select the city you are investigating  and all that city's crime data will unfold in front of you. To move forward in these troubled times it's essential that the community plays a bigger role in the policing of cities and Eyetem is a great start to that. The app is available for Android, iPhone and iPad from the relevant App Store.

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