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Fighting lousy internet connections and paying exorbitant rates to keep in touch with your loved ones abroad is a thing of the past. EZ-Call is more reliable than internet calling and offers lower rates than just about every phone company – making it the best choice for your long distance calling!
Now you can share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are, wherever you are. With EZ-Call, you can make low cost calls to cell phones or landlines – so you can just say ‘Hello’ whenever you want, without even needing the internet! You’ll be amazed at how affordable it is to keep in touch with friends and family. Plus, it’s fast and SIMPLE!
There are no setup or monthly fees, it’s all prepaid: just the low-cost EZ-Call international calling rates apply on top of your local call. Just click on the contact in your contact list you’d like to call and wait until they answer! That’s it!
EZ-call calls to a local number and then connects you with your loved one. No more waiting for peak times, entering in a calling card number or getting disconnected because of a lousy connection!
What you get with EZ-CALL:
- HIGH-QUALITY phone calls! You’re calling a local number – not using the internet – so you never have to worry about ‘losing the connection’
- AFFORDABLE long-distance calling! Using EZ-Call is cheaper than almost any phone provider plan and cheaper than most calling cards
- CONVENIENT calling! You call directly from your contact list! No more remembering phone numbers or writing down calling card numbers – just call like you would a local number!

Last updated 11 Mar 2014

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