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Developer description

Do you feel lucky today ? Well, with EZ Wins you will soon ask," what's LUCK got to do with it ?" the reason why, is because you will soon start winning Pick 3 boxed hits with this App.

How does it work ? you simply enter your last 7 draws and the App then displays 10 new sets to play from 3 to 7 days, if you see no hits by the 7th day, you just stop, wait for 3 days and repeat the process again.

I also need to mention that this works regardless where you live, if there is a Pick 3 lottery in your state or country, it will work as well and give you the best numbers to play.

These are not some random numbers, they are generated following a pattern in the sets entered. So do not be surprised when you start winning with EZ Wins. The name says it all, EZ Wins...today's your lucky day !

Last updated 24 Jun 2014