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A productivity app to make your ongoing jobs easier to follow

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Published 2 Sep 2016

Back in the day, businesses used to have a foreman to oversee work and to make sure all employees operated efficiently and jobs were completed on time and in proper order. While big businesses may still have a manager on site to ensure the smooth running of business, it's not so easy for the smaller organization that might not have the staff to ensure that everything runs to plan. So, if these are situations that your company faces everyday, here's a beautifully efficient new business and productivity app for iOS and Android that goes some way to fixing the problem.

eziTask is an easy-to-use set of online workflow management tools for assigning tasks to employees and contractors, breaking tasks into steps and tracking task completion. The app lets you schedule a task with a due deadline while tracking its progress along the way. It even lets you break tasks down into multiple steps that can be individually assigned to different employees. What's more, tasks can be assigned to external users - such as contractors and vendors - to ensure that you always know what is going on and when jobs are completed to your satisfaction and on time.

The basic unit of work within eziTask is, surprisingly enough, known as a Task. These tasks can be assigned to one or more employee, to be handled by you yourself or subcontracted out to an external contractor who don't sent even have to be an eziTask user. Tasks can be...