Developer description


I am your Life. I am your Time. I am your New App.
Available on iPhone and iWatch.

Authentic iOS App.

Life is a song — sing it. Life is a game — play it. Life is a challenge — meet it. But today your life is F III N I T Y — watch it!

The Universe is 13,8 billion years old. Humans have much less time. This application is created to see and understand every second of your life. From now on this is your new time.

This is your F III N I T Y.

Watch your life drops count every second. Enter your age and start doing things that really matter. Every day, every minute, every second. Start with yourself and change the world around you.

Let’s build new epoch together with F III N I T Y .
Available on iPhone and iWatch from October 1, 2015
All proceeds from the app go to charity.

Last updated 2 Oct 2015