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Fablelane is a cool collaborative story writing site with gamification elements. It turns ... More

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Published 16 Jan 2014

To my mind, an app like Fablelane has two separate reasons for existence. First and foremost, this collaborative storyboard can encourage writers of all ages - but especially young writers - to get involved in story creation and get social at the same time. But its other purpose -as an educational tool - could well be the more important and the more useful of the two. You can use the app to fuel your creative mind and continue someone else's story, write the beginning of a story of your own or you can use it in a more educational way by testing your writing skills with your tutor.
There's little doubt that there is a huge benefit for young people in having reading and writing as a part of their education. The more chances that students get to practice those skills, the better chance they will have to continuing their education. So when a fun and interesting writing application like this one comes along it's worth taking note. Fablelane Is a cool and very easy to use collaborative story writing application that includes an element of gamery to keep the competitive ones amongst us even more competitive. You can look through the previously submitted stories in the public section and add your own take and manipulate the story in a slightly different direction if you like. Alternatively, you can submit a story of your own for others to contribute to. The gaming element comes in when you gain more...