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FabPets is a Social Network for Pets, Pet Owners and Pet Services. It is the paradise for dog, ... More

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Published 6 Jan 2014

And about time too! There are social networks for regular folks, business folks and just about any other sub genres of folks so why not one for your pets. It doesn't really matter whether you have pets of your own or just love seeing other people's animals because FabPets is a social network app for pets, pet owners and pet services as well as dog, cat and other pet lovers worldwide. Connect with fellow pet lovers from around the world on your iOS or Android and chat, create groups and pages, upload photos and videos and indulge yourself in everything to do with our animal best friends.
FabPets is social networking paradise for dog, cat and other pet lovers. Whether you have a pet of your own or just love to look at cute and adorable animals in your neighborhood and around the world, it is the ultimate pet network. This fun app provides you with a simple way to learn and share stories about the animals around you as well as around the world. FabPets could be described as a community for everything to do with your pet. You can upload your pet’s photos to see what others think of them and then view, vote on, comment on, favorite and save photos of others folks' adorable pets from all over the world. If you have a cute pet at home you can create a profile for it the same way you would on Facebook. You can...