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Find a new home for your once-loved items with a local community of like-minded people where personal relationships are built! FabSwapp is reinventing the sharing economy by leveraging the generous phenomenon of paying it forward style of bartering; where it is completely free to view, list and request items amongst users.

Give Free, Get Free, Guilt Free! We believe in making swapping a very cool and sustainable lifestyle that keeps 78 lbs. of perfectly good and reusable items per person out of landfills every year while it save us money! Although we respect Craigslist for making a huge impact on our world, uniting people who want to give and receive used items; with FabSwapp we want to fill the monetary gap on the trading part and make the collaborative consumption a reality.

Virtual swap parties at your fingertips! No more one on one swaps which take forever to match up to items worth swapping. Sign up and List your items and earn participation tokens which are used as the arbitrary currency throughout the app. When you list an item you can assign a token value to it, other users can bid for the item using tokens that are generated just from participation. The more you contribute the more you earn.

Almost all of us have books, DVDs, video games, lightly used clothes that are laying around our house that we probably would never use it again. You can't bring yourself to throw it away, why not listing it on FabSwapp right now?

How does it all work? First, signup on the app using either Facebook or a new account. Then they post an item and start browsing for anything that is up for grabs. Once the user has found what they want, they bid what the seller wants or lower. If the Seller agrees, they can start chatting and arrange a pickup of the item. There is no cash exchanged. For the buyer the item is 100% free. The goal is for every buyer to become a seller and pay it forward.

Last updated 10 Dec 2015

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