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Use Facebook to geolocalize your hunt for those Louboutin shoes

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Facearound is a new free iOS App and Facebook App built to discover the best places around you. ... More

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Published 17 Nov 2012

One of the big problems with new startups is that, even though the developers have come up with a brilliant concept, the app really can't take off without having plenty of members to input information. Quite often, an app really won't hit it's straps until a year or so into its life - if it lasts that long. With Facearound you don't get that problem because it is directly tied to Facebook and draws on a lot of their members' information while encouraging its own members to get involved too. What this iOS app does it to geolocate all the interesting bars, restaurants and shops around you and take it one step further with Facearound user reviews and recommendations thrown in for good measure.
It wasn't that long ago that in order to find the nearest shoe shop in your vicinity your best bet was to open up the phone book and let your fingers do the walking. Thank God they are a thing of the past-each book was so thick that it must have taken a small forest to produce it. These days it's simpler. Next time you are desiring that new pair of Christian Louboutin high heels you can jump on Facearound and see if there is one close as well as checking out if they have any deals on for Facebook users. Facearound is a free new Facebook app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that has been built to discover...